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Eurovek produces drawing for all construction trades tailor to fit strictly to the individual need of clients. Providing outsourced engineering services worldwide we are commit to maintained our track record reliability and quality on:
  • Architectural/Structural Services
  • MEPF Design Engineering Services
  • Building Services
  • Project calculation analysis
  • Take-off measurement
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) for Designers and Contractors
Essence to Owners/Developers
Eurovek IT services provide project proponents accurate data needed for quality surveys, cost controls, technical audit and variation apportunities for a fine tuning a value for money out come.

Support for Contractors

We assist and provide contractors with complete engineering and shop drawing service through “as built” drawing completions. For large projects, we have documentation and change order management control systems that ensure updates on project changes.

Support for Designers

  • We assist to provide Designers
  • Comprehensive back office support
  • Engineering calculations and drawing production