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Eurovek uPVC Deepwell Casing, Screen Pipes and Sure-Loc PVC Column Riser Pipes

Eurovek uPVC Well Casing and Screen Pipes are manufactured in accordance with DIN4925 German Standards the wall thickness conforms to SDR 17 or schedule 80. It is manufactured from good quality uPVC compound under strict quality control. They are 1/5 of the weight of steel and are manufactured in convenient length of 4 meters with socket threads for easy and quick jointing.


  • Corrosion-free /Non-toxic.
  • Non Conductive / Long-life.
  • Light Weight.
  • More Permeability / Less Draw-down.
  • Saves-energy / Cost – effective.
  • High Collapse Resistance and Tensile Strength.
  • Easy – installation.
  • Protects- environments.



Accessories such as reducers, centering guides, conical end plugs and threaded adaptors, is manufactured to match Eurovek uPVC Well Casing and Screen pipes. Special tool such as steel clamp, lifter and strap wrench are also available during installation.

  • O-RING


  • holdingclamp


  • spline


  • pumpconnector


  • liftingcap


Area of use:

Eurovek uPVC Well Casing and Screen pipes are best recommended for open borehole conditions with 6″ inches larger diameter than the casing pipe. It is specified for wells when construction practices allow the borehole to remain open during casing installation.



Lowering of uPVC casing and screen pipes is similar to that of mild steel pipes. However, care must be taken to ensure that pipes are perfectly upright which would ensure trouble free working of the tube well. The pipes should not be pushed or driven using external force. Keep clean and free from foreign objects.

Use backwash method while gravel packing the well. Exercise care during removal of drilling buds, during jetting and surging not create excessive differential pressures across casing.