VEKA PVC Window System


Eurovek introduced VEKAdoor and window system thatoffer multiple cultural solutions from VEKA AG of Germanywith10 years warranty. It has long lasting performance, maintenance free and are based on European design standards. VEKA’s success is our ability to offer a wide range of profile which meet any technical, aesthetic and consumer specific requirements. The continued emphasis on highest quality of manufacturing standards has enabled the company toachieved theDIN ISOcertificate whichguarantees that all business activities are systematically related to the importance of our quality aspirations and standards.Creative design of window and doors enter a detailed description of your product or service.





  • Beautiful and elegant design.
  • Maximum protection against slashing rains.
  • Drought and storm proof, due to double sealing.
  • Fly screen track incorporated.
  • Extreme long product life.
  • Perfect insulation against heat and cold weather.
  • Optimum light and weather durability, even under harsh conditions.
  • Does not contort, corrode and disintegrate.
  • Ecologically friendly frame material can be recycled.
  • Strongest stability and safety owning to the metal reinforced multi-chamber construction.
  • No painting required.Structural tape glazing system for improved structural strength.High noise insulation for pleasant indoor environment.Smooth, hygienic and easy to care frame surface.