REHAU Vacuclean

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VACUCLEAN is the most advanced and hygienic form of vacuuming: It removes even the finest dust from the living environment and increase the quality of life.



The powerful system consisting of a central vacuum unit, the sound absorbing pipe system RAUPIANO PLUS and accessories – soft, hygienic and convenient.

The central vacuum unit is outside of the residential areas, eg located in the basement. The inlet valves are located at various places in the house. Connect them to the lightweight hose and the sucked dirt will betransported silently through the pipe system and filtered. The sucted air that is full of micro dust, that often triggers allergies, is transported outside.
Easy, convenient and hygienic and convenient.



Whether single or multi-family house, office building, villa or commercial building – REHAU offers three types of devices in various capacities.

  •  VACUCLEAN 2000 (530 Airwatt)

Houses and flats

  •  VACUCLEAN 3000 (580 Airwatt)

One-and two-family houses, small guesthouses, offices and shops, etc.

  •  VACUCLEAN 4000 (2x 580 Airwatt)

Pensions, office and commercial buildings, etc.
Simultaneous sucking on two inlet valves



  • Quiet
  • Healthy and hygienic
  • Convenient and time-saving
  • Easy and comfortable due to the remote control
  • Consistently high suction power by cyclone filter
  • High quality and performance
  • Value and growth for the property
  • No disposable filters
  • Wide range of accessories and spare parts
  • Visually appealing



For the central vacuum system VACUCLEAN from REHAU
You can choose:

  • Radio operation:

Start and stop the suction unit via radio remote control

  • Operation via control cable:

Start and stop the suction unit via a switch on the suction hose



VACUCLEAN includes all necessary parts for installation and a wide range of accessories and spare parts palette.