Plastherm PPR Pipes and Fittings


Eurovek Plastherm PPRC Pipes and Fittings

EurovekPlastherm PPRC (PolypropyleneRandom Copolymer) pipes and fittings for hot and cold water system with 50 years material warranty, the highest German standards with conforming German DIN 8077-8078. Borealis TYP-3 raw material which is accepted as the best raw material in the world. The greatest specialty about Plastherm is the Borealis material content that has brilliant resistance against heat and chemical substances with fusion jointing method.

Plastherm System

Plastherm is using Borealis TYP-3 raw material. The greatest speciality about Borealis TYP-3 material is its extremely safe usage in the hot water pipes as it has brilliant resistance against heat and chemical substances. The products which are produced from this raw material are hygienic and complies perfect with nutriment charter because it is not also affected by any biological substances. Our system consist of a wide range of products with variety of application areas. From the raw material itself, to the distribution stage of our products, every level of production remains with environment-friendly material.



*Uses fusion welding jointing system, rendering the pipes leak-free with 50 years material warranty.

* Hygienic and Healthy

* Resistant up to 280 PSI operating pressure in cold water (-20° C) and 150 PSI operating pressure in hot water (95° C).

* Used safely in acidic, alkaline, airy, salty & greasy environment.