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Company Background

Eurovek , Inc. was organized on April 2000, primary to manufacture world class uPVC doors and windows for clients who are absolutely quality conscious. Eurovek Inc. entered into agreement with VEKA AG of Germany after a long search for the world leader in this field.Eurovek , Inc. introduced VEKA doors and windows system in the Philippines on July, 2000 with the vision to become a leader in the field of uPVC Doors and Windows and extends ten (10) years international warranty.

Later part of 2000 introduced Eurovek Plastherm PPRC (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) pipes for hot and cold water system with fusion welding, technologically advanced Pipes and Fittings imported from Germany. Eurovek , Inc. extends fifty (50) years warranty for the material of Eurovek Plastherm pipes providing excellent quality product for the Philippine Construction Industry.

In 2001 Eurovek , Inc. introduced to the market Eurovek Plastherm PE pipes for gas and water industries (MDPE 80 for the Gas Industry and PE 100 for the water industry). Eurovek PE Pipes are manufactured by Plastherm GmbH, one of the largest supplier of high performance metal and plastic work products and offers the best and most effective pipe system for its customer.

Eurovek , Inc.is the first certified company to be awarded and certified by the ISO 9001:2000 of TUV Management Services of Germany in the year 2003.

In 2003 also, introduced the Eurovek Well System which consist of PVC screen, casing pipes and Sure-loc Column Riser Pipes. Being the local pioneer in this field, Eurovek Inc. intended to provide a lasting solution to the water industry as a reliable supplier of corrosion and non-toxic PVC pipes. In 2006 Eurovek Well System was granted accreditation by LWUA after successfully complying to all technical requirements.

Finally in 2008Eurovek , Inc. entered with partnership with REHAU of Germany for the distribution of Rehau Raupiano Plus which is the only existing acoustic waste water system materials for residential and commercial buildings. These pipes and fittings are manufactured in Germany under a unique multi-layer technology of REHAU, using PP (Polypropylene) raw material. Raupiano Plus ensures excellent drainage, a leakage and odor free environment.


Mission and Vision

  • Introduced the latest technology in the field of construction materials, products and services contribute to the development of local construction industry.
  • Strive for excellence and highest quality in its products and services.
  • Recruit, develop and compensate people to great supportive partnership of highly motivated professionals;
  • Adopt the highest ethical behavior;
  • Contribute to and participate in the life and well being of the communities in which they work and leave. 
  • Foster a work environment that encourages mutual trust, team work and open communication that stresses responsiveness, initiative and accountability.


Customer Focus

The key to our success lies to our commitment to provide the highest quality service and support to our clients. We are team of highly motivated and experienced individual.

We place the out most importance in meeting the needs of customer.